Teenie Weenie Dachshund
and Testimonials
Teenie Weenie Weinery  Puppies living in all the above States and
We are so blessed to have had the pleasure to meet so many
wonderful people and to have our babies become a lifelong
cherished part of their families. "Thank You" to all the families
that have given such loving homes to our Teenie Weenie
I would highly recommend Sueann Burns-----My puppy came from Mother "Raven"
and he is the sweetest most healthy, tiny little thing----The entire business of buying
a puppy was very pleasant and professional and believe me I have 3 doxies -----not
all breeders are that easy to deal with.  My pup is a chocolate dapple with blue
eyes.  ----I plan to buy my next pup from her as well.-----I drove 3 hours to pick mine
up and met Sueann in person.
She is not a puppy mill and breeds beautiful, sweet, healthy puppies and all the
Mommies and Daddy's are as cared for and loved as some people's children.  
Dottie Williford~ Proud Mommy of 2 year old "Juan Carlos"  
~North Carolina
We bought two puppies from Sue Ann,  Greta and Sasha.  I have had a dachshund dog
since I was a little girl.  I have never had one so lovable, healthy, great eyesight loves
cartoons and playing with other dogs.  These dog are huggers, I noticed when we went
to pick them up each time Sue Ann's husband pets and hugs them. When Sue Ann
handed us  the dogs they they put their little paws around our necks, that has never
happened before .The coat on these dogs are soft ,very soft! The vet remarked how
soft their fur was and how sweet they are.  Their facilities are clean and the dogs are
well taken care of.  I would buy another dog from them in a minute.  My husband and I
feel we were lucky to find Teenie Weenie Weinery,  the dogs travel with us to Chicago ,
Virginia  and  Alabama and everyone wants to know where we got them . Feel safe
buying from them, they are good people who love dachshunds.  They do a great job in
breeding their dogs.  

Carolyn and Jim Young   
~West Virginia
Let me just say that my pup that I got from Sueann is one of the best dogs  I have EVER had.  She is the most beautiful, loving
little dog.  Sueann is a pleasure to deal with and I now count her as one of my good friends.  Lulu was flown out to California
to me in fantastic shape.  Her personality is so mellow and loving yet at the same time she loves to be frisky and play.  She is
smart as a whip.  (gosh, does it sound like I am talking about one of my kids?!)  She loves to ride in the car.   I am planning on
taking a class with LuLu to train her to go to senior homes.  She has the perfect personality to go visit with the elderly.  I would
highly recommend Teenie Weenie Weinery.  You couldn't hope to find more wonderful pups and a good honest breeder. You
will love your doxie pup...they are the best!  I have a mini doxie that is 5 1/2 and then I have LuLu that is 3.  Look no further!!!  
Sueann and the Teenie Weenie Weinery are the BEST!!!!

~ California
"Why did the
Dachshund Cross
the Road?

To Stretch to the
other side! " lol

~Submitted by Taylor
Welch....Thank you Taylor
Taylor is the proud owner of a
Teenie Weenie Dachshund
named "Dixie"
I would not hesitate to purchase another teenie weeny family member from Sueann again.
Our Linus has been the picture of health, has a beautiful coat and we constantly
get remarks as to how adorable he is. He has a great personality and I will go get
another puppy again some day!
Tammy LaValley ~ Virginia
Buying a puppy from Teenie Weenie Weinery was a delight.  We flew to North Carolina to pick up our
baby since Sueann said she was too tiny to be shipped in the heat of October.  My husband and I knew
then she must love her dogs since this was definitely an issue of the puppy's health over any money
she would make in the sale by shipping her.  

When we picked up Pippy Pipsqueek Long Dog Doggett, Sueann had a little dress on her and supplied
us with food and toys.  Three years later, one of her favorites toys is the one Sueann gave us.

Pippy is a beautiful red with a wonderful personality. She is 7 pounds soaking wet.  She is a true micro
and I couldn't be happy with her size.  Her mother was Molly Marbles we wanted another puppy from
her last litter but was not able to get the silver dapple we were hoping for.

We are now on the list for Trinity's first litter which I am hoping she will have what we want.  If not we
will definitely wait for our next baby from Teenie Weenie Weinery.

~Stephen and Meredith Doggett
Richmond, Texas
We have had the most wonderful experience buying our precious Chloe from Sueann. Our baby girl was so very tiny when she
was born that she could not nurse from her Mommy Skittles. Sueann hand fed her with a syringe, we are talking feeding her
every 2 hrs. Sueann had to plan her days and nights around Chloe. Chloe would not be here today if Sueann hadn't taken so
much time with her. Sueann also put up with me calling her everyday, and I mean everyday to check on Chloe, for eight weeks. I
realized after talking with Sueann that she is a wonderful person and cares deeply for her own dogs and the puppies that they
have. The day finally came that we got to drive to N.C. a five hour trip to pick up Chloe. We were so excited to finally get to see
Chloe and meet Sueann and Steve in person. Chole only weighed a little over a pound when we picked her up. I have to say that
it was a happy day for us but a kind of sad day for Sueann, she had gotten so close to Chloe being that she had to be her
Mommy. Chloe has grown into a beautiful little girl, now weighing in at 5 1/2 lbs. To this very day I keep in touch with Sueann, I
can truly say that she is one great friend. I could go on and on about Sueann, nothing but good things, so if you have any
hesitations about buying a puppy from the Tennie Weenie Weinery don't. Thank you so much Sueann and Steve for our beautiful
"Teenie Weenie Chloe Sueann". Oh yes, Chloe does have her Mommy Sueann's name.

Greg and Donna
~Mechanicsville, Va.
Hi, We were so lucky to locate the Teenie Weenie Weinery on the website site.
Sueann Burns was so nice and helpful, in helping us purchase a solid black
dachshund puppy
from her Teenie Weenie Weinery litter of puppies. Wilbur was 8 weeks old.
She made all the arrangements for the delivery, we just had to be on time and
pick up our darling puppy, Wilbur, at the airport in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
He loved us so much, we got kisses all the way home!

Joe & Kathy Avina, North Mankato, Minnesota
Wilbur Avina
"I am so glad I found the Teenie Weenie Weinery.  I had a great
experience with Sueann Burns whom helped me find the perfect
little puppy that I have always wanted.  We kept in touch for a
year and she was so patient until I found the perfect little girl,
Mabel Mae.  She is a great dog and is the most lovable friendly dog.
I highly recommend Teenie Weenie Weinery."  Joey Monsivaiz, Phoenix, AZ
"Mabel Mae"
I now have 2 of the most beautiful Teenie  Weenie  Doxies --- Sweet  Little
Juan Carlos is a chocolate  dapple  and my precious  NEW baby Pablo Picasso  
is a solid chocolate no points --- Both are happy smart  healthy tiny little
bundles of joy and energy ---- I love  them   so much -  buying a puppy from
Sueann burns was a very personable and pleasurable  experience --- she  
breeds only  exceptional quality doxies --- I would recommend her breeding
program to anyone interested  making a new doxie puppy a part of their family
---- Dottie Williford  Chapel Hill N.C --- proud dachshund Mommy
Pablo Picasso
Juan Carlos
We couldn’t be happier with our little Kyla! She is such a stinker and a bundle of love. She is still tiny but has a piggy
appetite so we have really watch her portions. She is still a jumping bean and loves to play fetch until she poops out for a
big nap in her favorite chair. Her long hair is beautiful and she loves to be groomed. We couldn’t be happier! She is the
perfect addition to our family, thank you!


Michelle, Sydney & family

Katy, Texas
I have had a wonderful experience with th purchase of my baby and hopeful a new one soon! I was skeptical going on
line but I was proven wrong.  Sueann and Steve feel like part of the family.  Sueann has always been there for
support and to answer questions anytime.I found no reason to be leery.  All of her dogs are so well taken care of and
loved. I look forward to using them again.

Kathy Rukasuwan
Charlotte, NC
"Kyla & Sydney"
"Katie & Kathy"
Hello Sueann, My name is Bobbie and I bought a micro mini red little boy (Charlie aka ruger)from you last august! Any
way, just wanted to give you a little update since he is turning a year old this month! Charlie weighs a whopping 5 lbs
7 oz, he is a little guy with a big attitude. He enjoys swimming in his pool, golfing with dad and chasing birds from our
back yard. Any way, thanks so much for giving us this awesome little addition and I look forward to future additions
from you down the road!
Take care

Kenneth, Bobbie and Charlie Tolbert
Happiness?  My family decided it was time to get a puppy and we found out about
The Teenie Weenie Weinery from a friend. After choosing this Beauty from the
pictures I contacted Sueann Burns and we ended up picking her up in a few days
since we couldn't wait.  She is very loving, curious, and a joy to be with. If we decide
to get a friend for her to play with, there is no doubt in our minds we will go back

Christian Serrano
Cary, NC

And they did!!!  Christian and his
family have adopted a new playmatfo
for their Doxie!  
I Hope she brings them double the
happiness!  Thank you Serrano's!
Teenie Weenie Weinery~

About three years ago my wife and I were searching for a addition to our
family an went online looking for a Black n Tan Dachshund. We wanted to
replace a Black an Tan Dachshund we’d had before. When we saw your
web-site an that puppies were on their way from Mom- Molly Marbles an
Pops- Pee Wee
we knew that we had found the right place. We contacted Sueann and put a
deposit on our puppy. I was thrilled to get continual updates and notice
of Franky’s arrival. I so enjoyed the pictures of Franky and his siblings
plus constant updates from you on his progress. We couldn't  wait for the
day for his arrival. The day finally came an we drove 7 hours North to
Portland International Airport to pick him up. He arrived in excellent
shape an happy to see us. We couldn't  have been more pleased with the
purchase and whole package of acquiring Franky. He has grown to look just
like his daddy an is alive with spunk and vigor. Sueann breeds and raises
her puppies with love and care and it shows in the wonderful little lives
she shares. Franky continues to provide us with love and joy. We will be
forever grateful to Teenie Weenie Weinery for the special little man they
shared with us.  I would fully recommend Sueann an her puppies to anyone
wanting to experience the love and joy of her work. We would be more then
happy to speak with anyone wanting to hear about our experience.

Bill & Dixie Sharp
Brookings, Oregon
Molly Marbles and Pee Wee Breeding
Mercedes & Jude Breeding
Mercedes & Jude Breeding
Marshall Dillion & Roxy Breeding
Mercedes and Jude Breeding
Raven & Baron Breeding
Skittles & Cole Breeding
Molly Marbles & Baron Breeding
Spring & Maximillon Breeding
Molly Marbles & Baron Breeding
Zoe & Marshall  Breeding
Raven & Craven Breeding
I  would love to tell anyone that would like to have a micro
mini dachshund or a mini dachshund....
You have got to buy him or her from Sueann Burns who is
the owner of Teenie Weenie Weinery.  It has been a
wonderful experience for me.  She is the sweetest person
and you can tell she loves all her babies.  
Thank you so much Sueann!

Julie Hanna
West Virginia

Proud New Owners of "Odie"  (Trinity & Chance's Boy)
MARIE COLLIER AND "TIGO"                             

Shortly before deciding to buy a puppy from the Teenie Weenie Weinery I hunted locally for a reputable breeder.  
though there was almost a thousand miles between us....As the Puppy flies!  ;) Sueann is just the BEST!  She truly
cares immensely for her dogs but also goes waaaay out of her way to answer all questions one may come up with.  
Whether it be about puppy food choices, vitamins or advise on the type of bedding and play areas to consider.
Communication lines are always wide open for anything I many have concern with or simply to share an event or
milestone in the new puppy adventure.  It only took speaking to Sueann once to provide me with the confidence I felt
Hi Sueann,
This is "Scooter" he's almost 9 months now.  He is a happy, healthy, wonderful boy!  He has a great personality and he is
so sweet.  He has a beautiful coat of red fur and a beautiful tail and we could not be happier with him.  We would adopt
perfect Doxie baby!  You and Steve were so gracious to us when we came from Georgia to buy Scooter and the cute
basket of toys and blanket were wonderful to start his new home here.

John and Becky Gaar
Loganville, Georgia
Polka Dottie and Tebow's Girl!

I am the Proud Mother of "Scrappy Doo".  A beautiful boy I fell in love with from his baby picture
next to a Q-tip with a Santa hat on.  I contacted Sueann and she took the time to explain all the
puppies Doo and I had to have him!  She met me at the Airport at me convenience to tak my little
3lb. guy I am the Proud Mother of "Scrappy Doo".  A beautiful boy I fell in love with from his baby
picture next home.  I would definitely rocommend Sueann and The Teenie Weenie Weinery!  The
picture posted in to a Q-tip with a Santa hat on.  I contacted Sueann and she took the time to
explain all the puppies Scrappy Doo winning a Calendar contest as his features are absolutely
perfect!  I just wish it showed his available, but Sueann loves her puppies and is very
knowledgable of the Dachshund breed!  I would take all of her puppies if I could!  Thank you
Sueann,  We love our "Scrappy Doo"!

Charlene Beaulieu
We just love our Teenie Weenies!  Sadie and Sofie are real characters!  We have laughed so much since they came to live
with us!!!  There is never a dull moment.  As you can see they have taken over the lazyboy chair.  Our VET is impressed
with how healthy they are and their good temperaments.  Recently the VET's office called us to get your contact
information to give to someone looking for a puppy.  Below is Sadie is on left and Sofie is on the right.

Best Wishes,
Linda and Bill Shank
Carlisle, PA
Scrappy Doo
It's been almost a year since I found "Peanut" with his big beautiful brown eyes on Sueann's Website.
Peanut was such a sweetie and it was such a wonderful experience working with Sueann that I just had to
have another one of her Teenie Weenie babies!  As soon as "Paisley" was born she sent me pictures and
videos of her and kept me updated until she was ready to come home and meet her big "brother" Peanut!
I would highly recommend Sueann and her Teenie weenie babies!

Tammy Jordan
Sueann Burns is the best!! Her
puppies are all beautiful!!
Sueann was wonderful!!  I was
on a long waiting list.  She kept
in touch with me the entire
time.  She sent pictures often!  I
would defiantly recommend
buying puppies from her!!
I love my sweet baby so much!!!

Lesley Springer & "Martini"
Under Construction
Just a quick note to thank you for my beautiful princess puppy!  Thank you also
sooo in love with my "Isabelle" and could not be happier with her.  Jacob and both
my sons already love her too!  I'm so glad to have found your website because you,
your husband and the Teenie Weenie Weinery are just the best!!
I 'll send a picture soon as she grows!  Take Care and Love all your puppies....I know
you do!
Sheila Fortson
China Grove, North Carolina

(Mercedes & Jude's Baby Girl)
Trinity and
Tebow's Boy
Spring and Mojo's
Black/Cream boy
Amadeus has grown so much since we got him from seann and we have been
happy with him ever since.  even though getting Aadeus was a long drive from
southern Florida, it was all worth it in the end.  I would definitely get another
little dachshund from her and her husband again.  They are very knowledgeable
about these little puppies which made it more comfortable for us to adopt from
her.  We love Amadeus and are really glad to have him in our family.

Chase Ure
West Palm Beach, Florida
Maggie & Freckles have been such great dogs!  They are both so very sweet and well-
mannered.  They finally passed level 3 obedience, now we are looking at taking
CGC/Therapy Dog, Tricks and Agility. lol...Freckles would take off with anyone!  He loves
everybody!  Maggie is a tad more reserved but she has the sweetest nature of any dog I've
ever owned!
I am so fortunate in my work that I am able to bring them to work every day
It has made them so well socialized!  They LOVE coming home from work and playing in
the yard.  My neighbor has two schnauzer puppies and they are best friends!  Our favorite
thing to do together is when we are tuckered out sleeping in the recliner, give me such a
happy feeling!
Sueann is the Best! She sent us pictures and I was able to visit with a friend when they
were a month old and first got their eyes open.  We live in Richmond, VA, so it was quite a
haul, but so worth it!  It is so obvious that her dogs are ALL happy dogs!  I feel she is a
friend in addition to being
"Mistress of the Kennel"!

Sharon Beach
Maggie & Freckles
Spring/Mojo & Ivy/Ziggy
I could not have had a better experience
buying a healthy loving puppy so far
from my home.  I live in West Virginia
and traveled to get "Odie"  and meeting
Sueann was such a pleasure.  I would
recommend Sueann and her wonderful
husband to get your next puppy!  We
love our "Odie" so much and would do
the experience all over again!  She sent
me pics of "Odie" as he grew and I think
that was wonderful,  It showed just how
much she loves her babies.  Thank you
so much for our baby Sueann.

The Hanna Family
West Virginia
long island