Sadly, we have lost a few of our precious dachshunds over the years.  Some of our most favorite dogs have crossed
the "Rainbow Bridge".  We will miss them all.  Raven, Lancelot, Juliette, Smores, Abby, Chance, Skittles, Pixy Styx,
Polka Dottie and Guinevere all sleep silently on a hill facing the sunrise. Dachshunds enjoy basking in the early morning
sun.  Now our babies see every sunrise and catch the earliest of rays to light their tiny silent hearts.  All the little
puppies lie silently.  Puppies that now frolic in fields beyond the clouds- each one felt soft gentle caressing hands but
for some reason gasped a final breath.  They lie in peace also enjoying each sunrise.  All live on in our
memories....Until we see them again


MOST of our dogs are still with us and enjoy their retirement community- a resort perhaps.  Their building is heated
and air conditioned with ample area for rest and sleep.  
When they want to go outside, they have a door that is always
open to their decks where they can run, lie in the sun, bark at the various animals crossing the yard or enjoy "The Tory
Show".  Tory is a mixed breed rescue we found in our kennel a few years ago.  She is a born showman and loves to
entertain the retirees.  Flipping her food bowls, or running with her toys or an old milk carton(her favorite toy!...go
figure!)  the dachshunds seem to stand up and "cheer her on" with standing ovations!!!!

Ziggy(our Second) IS still here and still loves to chase his balls and Molly the foundation for our "MICRO" line of
"Teenie Weenie" dachshunds.  Molly is responsible for putting the "TEENIE" in The Teenie Weenie Weinery.  And
Tonka and Cooper the kennel boys still enjoy their petting and treats.  Spring, Jaden, and Marshall, hyper as ever
never slowing down, and Zoe our solid chocolate still looks about 4 years old, despite her years.  Twiggy still runs in
circles, no matter how much room she has.  Ivy tries to ignore Ziggy and his collection of tennis balls.  Of course
Godiva who slept in my lap the first 4 months after my 'first' retirement, still lounges most of her day away.... All are
enjoying 'their' comfortable retirement.
We are STILL working!!??  I guess we work for them now!

As we retire our dogs their pages will be added to this retirement section. AND, of course we are still working on this
page.  Thank you for your interest and support!


Trinitis Irish Spring  aka: Jerry/ Springer

Black/tan longhair female

Burns' Teenie Weenie "Lucille Noel" aka: Lucy/ Lucifer

Lucy was our very first Dog.  She started the Teenie
Weenie Weinery.....She was in many ways the best gift
Steve ever gave me.  She was my constant companion
when I first moved to North Carolina.  I didn't know
anyone.....but I had "Lucy"  So while Steve was at
work....She was my pal....and traveled with us
everywhere we went!  She never did understand the other
furry creatures we brought home.  
But she sure had some beautiful puppies over the years!
She is responsible for Our love of Dachshunds and what
we do today!
Sadly we lost our sweet girl, April 8, 2020  She was 17
years old.  We have many great memories with her.  She
brought us so many years of happiness.  She will never
be forgotten.  We love you ''Sissy"  I am sure you will be
there waiting at Heavens gate for us both!  unil then....
Teenie Weenie Retirement Resort.....

"Molly Marbles"

Burns' Teenie Weenie "MOlly Marbles"
Sweet Molly....beautiful blue eye and brown eye.
Our first Micro Mini...She is where our Micros originated

Silver Dapple Female

2 of Her Siblings still here!: Trinity and Jude
Teenie Weenie "Ivy"
3 of My precious
Pups!  Pixy Styx,
Molly Marbles and
Lucy Noel'
CoCo Chanel'